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Founded in 2017 year, Harry the founder of Kenluck Development Corporation has been in the field focusing on market management for agent brands over 15 years. Kenluck believes that a well brand shall not be only possessed of the qualification to make market WOW, but also hit a reasonable price.


From the first day Kenluck in the market, taking advantage of the experience, meeting up brand partners face to face by themselves to bridge awesome brands with suitable customers. 


Get people encountered nice products with happy and comfortable mindset.


Forward well philosophy to people and help life better is Kenluck’s mission. Via actual sales and feedback from customers, Kenluck introduce brand products owing the potential as “WOW”, “Bucket List” and “Happiness” to people. Then making effort to balance three factors to fulfill Kenluck’s KEN-the pronunciation in Chinese is close to “be able to” + LUCK ) business vision “benefit people, share happiness and create beautiful encounter”.


As keeping up in the market, Kenluck motivate themselves to be carrying out the vision, and close to the demand for cycling, lifestyle and family with continuously inspection and tuning-up.


Customers are the propulsion to get Kenluck better that the founder Harry spares no effort to interact with markets via opening and innovative ideas supported by impressive service and stable market price management.


As a young company, the difference to make Kenluck standing out over is the way they work. Regardless of the tile and seniority, employees can learn and step into marketing, purchase and sales as their goals and the founder-yes it’s a duty bound opening, since that day started, do right thing and help thing right.


Kenluck believe firmly that actions speak louder than words, that helps figure out the real voice from customers, and connect a trustful relationship to lead Kenluck to live on by long term perspective.