This is OMATA One.

A precision sports instrument purpose-built to not simply measure your ride, but to make your ride measurably better.
By tracking performance information with greater simplicity and less distraction.
And by providing a deeper connection to the brilliant machine that's propelled by your heart, legs, lungs, and desire.

OMATA One 高精密運動測量錶,

OMATA One’s core movement translates GPS and sensor data into the mechanical motion of its hands. Pedal harder, the speedometer needle climbs, and the kinetic link between your exertion and your bike’s propulsion grows. It’s a sensation that’s hard to explain, but easy to feel.

度量單位: Metric(公制/黑色) & Imperial (英制/白色)
尺寸: 直徑 62.70mm 厚度 17.2mm (20.5mm包括底座)
重量: 79g
錶圈: POM 塑鋼
錶體: Plancast Plus 6063 鋁合金
內建容量: 4GB
GPS: 72-channel GPS/ SBAS/ QZSS/ GLONASS/ BeiDou

機芯: OMATA &Seiko共同開發
傳感器: ANT+, BLE連線協定, 3-axis加速傳感器,氣壓傳感器, 溫度傳感器
字體: OMATA自家開發字體,用於優化騎乘可讀性。
防水: IPX5
速度(0-65 MPH / 0-120 KPH);
總距離(1公里= 100英哩/ 100公里)
垂直上升(1圈= 10,000ft / 4,000m)
每日時間; 總騎行時間(小時)

速度精準度: 0.18 KPH, 0.11MPH
距離精準度: 2.5米, 8英呎
電池續航力: 17小時以上
充電方式: USB-C
應用程式: iOs和Android優化應用程式,可監看、上傳、整合各項騎乘數據 ,與STRAVA兼容。
產地: 芬蘭奧盧